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A New Book by Proactive Worldwide Co-Founders: New Directions: A Competitive Intelligence Tale

Proactive Worldwide is pleased to announce the new book by Gary Maag and David Kalinowski – “New Directions: A Competitive Intelligence Tale”.

Through a case study that reads like a mystery novel but educates and informs like a business manual, the authors outline specific steps to take to implement CI to get powerful results. The book identifies the necessary components of good CI research and its positive impact on business strategies and tactics.

For more information please visit: New Directions: A Competitive Intelligence Tale

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It seems nice, but It's not available for Amazon's Kindle, It don't even has a paperback edition at Amazon... How about showing the table of contents, costumers reviews, book ranking...

Hi Sandro,


Thank you for your comment. We are currently working on formatting an e-pub version of our book and making arrangements for it to be purchased on both our website ( and Amazon.  Stay tuned.  However, in the meantime, if you want to see some reviews you can go to the aforementioned site. SCIP's CI Magazine also will be providing a book review in an upcoming issue. There is no Table of Contents to send as the book is written as a tale/story so there are only chapter titles like you would find in a mystery novel.  We hope you enjoy it.

Yes do let us know when it's for sale on Amazon. It sounds like an interesting way to show people the value of CI by telling a tale versus being a text book. I am looking forward to reading it.

Our book in now available on Amazon: New Directions: A Competitive Intelligence Tale. Electronic version is forrthcoming.  Also, if you order from our book store at and enter promo code webdec11 you will receive 15% off. Thank you!


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