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Industry Analysis (i.e. Porter's Five Forces) Approach

I have been experimenting with various approaches to applying Industry Analysis (Porter's Five Forces) with various templates and approaches.  Think I have settled in on something that works for me.  However, I have to train brand new CI proteges and want to keep it simple for them, until they settle into a battle rhythm of their own.  I am curious as to what others may have used--templates? Process? Shoot from the hip?   I had someone say they have used Flying Logic--still puzzled by that one.  So if you use a structured approach, especially Industry Analysis, what is your approach?  I realize some don't even have a need for Industry Analysis, don't like it our even consider it apart of Competitive Intelligence --just interested in those that do.  The pros an cons of using Porter's five forces can be another discussion.  Anyone?  Glad to share what I do. 


I start with a market overview, find out the basics, requirements, needs, gaps. I interview the capture manager on strategic intent.   Identify the customers, the competitors, the key suppliers. I look at all the regulations and perhaps, if necessary, do a supply chain/manufacturing chain analysis.  I look for disruptive technologies.  I look at the addressable budget of the buyers.  That is the simple 10,000 ft overview, lots of details I left out for time and space.  Once I have all the relevant information, I run an analysis using the 5 forces--run a few other tools. Make recommendations...  Get some more KITs keep honing the process until we get the right Intelligence to make a decision...  Not an exact process, the needs and characteristics of the capture drive the analysis.

I use simple MS office tools to collect the information.


Thanks ahead of time

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Hello Richard,

For an example of a template that leverages Michael porter's concepts, you might want to check out - we use the same template for 12,025 industries.


Thanks Alan, did not see any templates on the site, just reports for sale--did I miss a link?  I don't need industry reports, we do that already, just looking at what others may do so we can potentially improve or process.  So far all the major CI companies and consultants I have interviewed are about in the same box, I am thinking we are okay.


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