Competitive Intelligence

Tactical, Operational & Strategic Analysis of Markets, Competitors & Industries

Objective : To acquire an internship focused in CI

I am from France, currently enrolled in the University of Oklahoma's exchange program from August to December 2009, to improve my english. In January 2010, I would be interested in either a short term internship or longer term opportunity to conduct CI at a US-based firm.

I hold a master's degree in Competitive Intelligence from France (Competition analysis, diagnosis and analysis of economic environment, statistics and econometric, benchmark, market research , feasibility study, financial analysis, macro & micro économics).

I am confident that my diverse skills and background will help a company overcome its market challenges. I have the business intelligence and project monitoring skills to help firms stay on top of threats and uncover opportunities.

Through my experience and academic training, I have a drive for success, resilience, innovation, initiative, and the ability to learn quickly and apply that learning effectively. My sound judgment, interpersonal and teamwork skills can contribute to solving an organization’s problems.

While obtaining my Master’s at the University of Auvergne in France, I worked with many global companies including Michelin and Limagrain. Projects included competitive and market assessments that helped them invest in opportun

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There's another one here.. Looking for a summer internship in CI. Am in the first year of my Masters program on intelligence currently. I have 5 years of post MBA work ex and an undergraduate degree in Mechanical engineering. I have worked on CI projects in a market intelligence / consulting firm for over 3 years. I am interested in seeing how companies actually do CI - as an agency we got clear requirements but then as a company there would be a system to monitor threats, identify priorities and so on. Am also interested in putting whatever I have learnt at Mercyhurst to the test. For the record, verticals I have worked on and have some expertise include Heavy manufacturing, IT and Telecom.


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