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Thanks, Babette, for that video, and the accompanying email. I must point out that "She'll be right, mate" has never achieved anything. But then, plain common sense hasn't either. I have been involved with both State and Commonwealth Governments since 1986, when I produced a directory of support organisations. As a result, I was invited to present to relevant public servants in Canberra and at all the State capitals. Since that time, I have written, cajoled, pleaded, begged, with the result that nothing has happened. It would stamp on too many toes. My most recent effort was in the form of an article describing CI and the significant benefits for Australian companies; and that was only a couple of months ago - I didn't even get a response.

Certainly the video you forwarded will not achieve anything. I wish you luck and, since I'm not known for giving in. I will support you in any way I can. Perhaps we need some new ideas!


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