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Launching a Twitter Chat on Competitive Intelligence - #cichat


August Jackson, Scott, and I are launching and moderating a Twitter chat focused on CI. Hashtag is called #cichat.

Our first twitter chat is going to be at 2pm PST on April 21st and most likely every week thereafter at the same date and time.

Also if you've never came across this google doc on Twitter chats it's worth a scan :) -

Feel free to email August, Scott, or I with any suggestions you might have for topics. We have a few queued up for our first few chats but we're always happy to hear any suggestions you might have.

See you at 2pm PST on the 21st.

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Looking forward to it guys - well done!
There will be another #cichat today at 5 PM EDT / 2 PM PDT. Today's topic is web-based tools for open source competitive intelligence research.

You can take part one of the following ways:
1. Add a search for #cichat to your Twitter client such as TweetDeck
2. Go to (sign in with your Twitter ID)
3. Follow the discussion via Twitter's search function:

You do not need to sign up in advance. Just be on Twitter at 5 PM EDT.
So do we have a schedule of topics any where? I will be in the car tomorrow driving to TX, but will be around the following week if this is a weekly thing.

This week it's a continuance of our web based tools discussion.

We'll be taking next week off - I'll be on a plane at the time ;)

The following week - the 19th - we'll be doing a "best of SCIP"

And then lots of interesting topics after that.


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