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Trying to help a connection to prepare for a Master's thesis, I am looking for authors of "scientific results" about "advantages of competitive intelligence in terms of active search for potential future employees." Can you help us out here? Thanks!

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I m working on a PhD thesis myself Marcel. What exactly you are looking for, if you would like to enlighten me a bit..


Has anything (scientific) been published about "advantages of competitive intelligence in terms of active search for potential future employees."?

I have not come across such a manuscript as of now, I m afraid. However, I was a part of a study carried out for a consortium of IT Companies aimed at Competitive Skill mapping for Potential Future employees.

The sample size was about 40 technical institutions providing Bachelor/ Master Degree in Engineering/ Technology

The key parameters were:-

1) Verbal Communication Proficiency

2) Written Communication Proficiency

3) Quantitative/Qualitative Problem Solving ability

4) Soft/ Social/ Networking ability

Incidentally this study was not published in the public domain. However, some of the findings indicated that Job security and Job Satisfaction were rated higher than higher compensation and growth opportunities.

If you are carrying out CI w.r.t. Competition, a lot of your potential/future employees may come from your Competitors. This does seem like common sense, however, CI needs to be specifically carried out from HR departments keeping in mind the employee compensation/ productivity/ recent most resignation etc etc.

Having said that, CI for Human Resource may help you with some progress.

Thanks, Pradhuman, I will pass this on to my inquiring connection.

Have a good weekend!


Thanks Marcel..

I hope it helped your connection.


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