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New Episode of the Competitive Intelligence Podcast: Ted Galpin on The Problem with CI

There is a new episode of the Competitive Intelligence Podcast: Ted Galpin on the Problem with Competitive Intelligence.  I would like to invite all of my fellow CI professionals to take a listen.  Please share your feedback here or on the Competitive Intelligence Podcast home page.

Ted Galpin is a fellow CI practitioner who blogs at, a blog that is definitely worth adding to your RSS reader.  His recent entry "The Problem with Competitive Intelligence" is a thought-provoking piece that we discussed in this podcast interview.

Ted's premise is based on the difference between the CI analyst and the executive stakeholder's minds.  CI analysts are highly intellectual, analytical and rational.  The executive stakeholders, on the other hand, are highly political (that's not all a bad thing) and have to balance diverse demands and motivations to optimize their own position.  This gulf (I am no doubt clumsily summarizing) is the source of the lack of respect and the "Cassandra Complex" so many of us observe.  Bridging this gap is the key to improving the efficacy of competitive intelligence.

In the course of this interview Ted offers specific advice on how CI professionals can go about bridging that chasm.  Take a listen:

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Nicely done. I really liked the content, interview flow and production quality. Thanks for your multi-year effort to nurture the CI Podcast forum. I believe that there is great value in your work.

Thanks, Tom. Ted had some great points to discuss. Great guests like Ted, Ellen, Arik, you and the others that I've had the opportunity to interview make my job easy.
I look forward to consuming this and tweeting about it to increase the uptake of sound advice, just gleaned from Ted's blog. Thanks again August....everyone's consumption behaviour is different, so the audio works really well....


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