Competitive Intelligence

Tactical, Operational & Strategic Analysis of Markets, Competitors & Industries

We are currently seeking a Senior Director, Business Performance & Competitive Intelligence in New York, NY.

Job Responsibilities include:
Manage teams in evaluating business strategic and operating performance and delivering strategic research projects based on knowledge of competition, strategic intent, M&A, buy-side/sell-side research, quantitative financial modeling, equity markets, commodities trading, risk management analysis, and market research and sizing.
Assess competitive position and intent for various Fortune 500 companies.
Develop financial and non-financial metrics linking performance against strategic direction and initiatives.
Direct competitive intelligence to enhance management understanding of competitors' strategic actions, and potential impact on business strategic performance.
Develop mitigating/alternative strategies to provide strategic benefits.
Develop business strategic performance targets aligned w/multi-year plans.
Develop and implement performance mgmt processes and progress of delivery against strategic performance metrics.
Engage in strategy formulation, and plan and implement projects.

The qualified candidate will possess:
* Master's degree in Management
* 4 years in position offered or as a Senior Associate performing core duties of position offered for Fortune 500 companiesThe McGraw-Hill Companies is an equal opportunity employer. Only electronic job submissions will be considered for employment. For special accommodation due to disability, please see instructions in the last paragraph foundhere.Job Type: Business Process Mgmt

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