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What do you think about the forthcoming panel debate 9/3 entitled 'Professional Effectiveness and Personal Improvement as a CI Practitioner'?

Attend and participate in a panel debate on 9/3 including the UK's leading academic authority on competitive intelligence, former Mars and McKinsey practitioner, Orange, Customer Insight Solutions and the Institute of Competitive Intelligence providing the audience with:

* the wisdom of the group regarding your professional development and take control of your own
  professional development
* a personalised action list to enhance your position
* a literature table offering a wide range of take home material

by addressing the issues from the floor as well as

* Improving Your Technical Skills
* Improving Your Influecing Skills
* Living the Life of a Lone Wolf
* Exploiting Dysfunctional Attributes

To find out more the full programme and to register can be accessed through:

We look forward to seeing you there,

Enjoy the day

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Just posted the presentations and some of the table literature from the event on the website. Need to register for an account, and available from


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