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On behalf of Mr Aseem Chauhan, Owner, Amity University in India, I invite biodata of interested foreign nationals who have teaching experience in any Graduate and Post Graduate programs seeking either a brief stint or a long term stint,  to send their resumes for relocation to India to me at:

Vivek Raghuvanshi
Assistant Professor
Amity University

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Curiosity :: Are competent Indian Nationals not available?
Prakash bhai,


People of Indian origin are to apply through the normal route ie HR.

I have just been asked to scout for foreign talent for all Graduate and Post Graduate programs at the University.

Anyways, I would be screening and forwarding the Foreign Expats biodata to Mr Aseem Chauhan and Vice President HR personally.

The objective to invite foreign expats is to infuse fresh blood in the Indian education system

With warmest regards
Vivek Raghuvanshi


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