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ValueNotes Webinar Series on Competitive Intelligence in India



Anyone who has tried gathering competitive intelligence in India will not be unfamiliar with the challenges of doing so – lack of documentation, fragmentation, heterogeneous markets, complex regulations, multiple jurisdictions, and so on. How can one navigate this environment to get reliable and actionable intelligence?


ValueNotes would like to share the following recorded webinars for viewing at your convenience:


Competitive Intelligence in fragmented, undocumented and unorganise... – Understand the key characteristics of Indian markets and gain practical pointers on how to do CI here.


Market intelligence: how to recognise reliable information – How to sift out unreliable information and find ways to cross-check and validate data points.


Do let us know if you found these resources useful. We also welcome your inputs on what challenges you face in India – so that we can address them in our future webinars.


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Went through the webinars. Very interesting introduction to the scope of CI in India, and methodologies.  

Dear Deepak,

Thanks for going through the webinars. I am happy you found the two webinars useful. Do lookout for our  next webinar which will be broadcast in early March. If you want to be notified, you can write to us or subscribe to our monthly competitive intelligence newsletter (



Here is the next webinar in our series:

"Value-for-money comparison between secondary and primary research ... - How to select the right technique or combination of techniques to maximise the ROI on CI.

13th March at 5:30 PM...



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