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Competitive Intelligence report on Cyberwarfare with respect to Pakistan

Cyberwarfare which is known-ed to be the actions by a nation-state to penetrate another nation’s computers or networks for the purposes of causing damage or disruption.

Cyber  warfare  is a  relatively  new  concept  whereby  politically  motivated  hackers  and Computer  scientists  develop  means  of  causing  disruption  or  damage  to  a  government’s  IT  system  and  network  infrastructure. There  are  various  techniques  that  fall  under cyber-warfare  such  as a  virus  or …


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Competitive intelligence for product development

Continuous product innovation is critical for growth and success, particularly when industry growth is flat and competition is intensifying. But innovation also has risks attached to it – the risk that after investing in its development, customers will not warm up to the new product/service.

Competitive intelligence can help organisations reduce the costs and risks...



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Competitive Intelligence in ICT Training & Certification Story

Mr. James who was just graduated from an reputed engineering institute in telecommunication sector. He was celebrating his graduation with his family, Friends and other relatives with great gathering at near by Hotel sponsored by his father. James was excited & starting thinking to work for an IT company soon.

After few days, he visited a number of companies, organization and institutions  to drop his CVs or walk in interviews. He almost attended more than six walk in interviews…


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Competitive Intelligence and Twitter: How to Monitor Competitors and Create an Awesome Strategy


For a site that only requires 140 characters to get your message across, there is a lot of confusion about how to effectively use Twitter to monitor competitors, and how to analyze that…


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Special Book Offer - Confidential: Business Secrets, Getting Theirs - Keeping Yours by John Nolan

"Confidential: Business Secrets, Getting Theirs - Keeping Yours"

John Nolan has released a limited reprint of his book Confidential: Business Secrets, Getting Theirs -…


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How do You Turn Competitive Intelligence into a Competitive Advantage

How do you turn intelligence on direct competitors into a significant advantage for salespeople? It’s a question that I get asked a lot, and shows the growing importance organizations are placing on turning information and raw data into actionable intelligence.


In the world of competitive team sports, coaches and athletes often review tapes of previous events studying the strengths and weaknesses of both the opposing team and individual players. Surprisingly in the business…


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Why a CI framework is not dispensable

In most companies in India, competitive intelligence is not primarily done by CI professionals. Many functions are interested in competitive intelligence. Sales, marketing, strategy, product development, are the common ones. But finance, HR , procurement and others also need it. They all generally gather competitive information as part of their regular functional roles .

The users of the intelligence (and analysis) are heads of these functions, business heads, and of…


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Lest you topple…

Topple rate is a measure that a McKinsey consultant devised in 2007. It measures the rate at which companies lose their leadership position or switch ranks. The ranking in this context is done on the basis of return on assets (ROA). For example, if the topple rate is 40%, it means that if you an industry leader, there is a 40% chance that you will lose your position to another firm in a given year. The topple rate is also a measure of the ability of a company to sustain its competitive…


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Tools for effective strategy formulation

Most companies undertake annual strategy planning exercises (STRAP) to lay down the plan for the coming year. They undertake market/business research and competitive intelligence to support their planning.

Some of this research is backward looking – How much did the market grow last year? What did my competitors do? Some research is forward looking – How much is the market likely to grow next year? What plans have my competitors announced? and so on. Excel spreadsheets then used for…


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Ethics of mystery shopping

Any businessman will tell you that knowing how your competitors sell their wares and at what prices is simply good business practice. But how do you get this information?

Is it Ok to do mystery shopping? As in all other aspects of business, while (most times) there is clarity on what  is legal and what is not, there is a lot of ambiguity on what is ethical and what is not.

My friend owns a clothes boutique. Is it unethical for her to browse around in other boutiques to…


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Competitive Intelligence: Are you seeking the right answers?

Competitive Intelligence (CI) plays a critical role in formulating an organisation’s business strategy. It can make the difference between winning and losing. However, CI can only live up to this expectation, if it addresses the right questions. Right answers to wrong questions, will be wrong for the organization. What questions should the organization ask in order to win? The answer to this requires clear logical thinking on the part of both, the decision-makers who will use the…


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Ethics of using social media for CI

I am baffled by the title of a recent press release from Assocham – “Corporate espionage via social media rampant in India Inc.: Survey”. It is misleading.


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Observations on competitive intelligence budgets in India…

All businesses every where undertake some kind of CI; they cannot survive without it. Even  mom and pop stores do – although very informally. In India, it is mainly the large companies and multinationals that have formal competitive intelligence activities.

How do they decide how much formal CI they should do? Here are some observations..


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Why politics deserves greater mindshare of CI in India

Politics affects business in very real ways, and this is becoming increasingly apparent in India. In recent weeks, corporations have been screaming hoarse about the impact of poor governance on business. In India governance is related inextricably to politics...

It is the job of competitive intelligence professionals to scrutinize all aspects of the business environment. If politics is a significant part of the environment, then that needs to feature in the analysis too. While CI has…


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Back to Basics

Competitive intelligence analysts must frequently remind themselves of their final objective. Time and again, I have seen analysts get so involved in the “activity” they do, that they forget why they do it. They optimise the process, perfect the mechanics, plan the logistics and polish the presentation templates. But they forget to stand back and look at the big picture. When they lose the strategy perspective, they miss the opportunity to make that critical value addition which converts…


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Selling competitive intelligence internally

CI teams cannot be efficient, effective and successful without a buy-in from their co-workers at all levels – senior, middle and junior. CI teams face a dual challenge in terms of getting an internal buy-in within an organization.

First, they need to show a good ROI to the senior management in order to justify their very existence. Unless senior management perceives their value in helping the company meet its business objectives, they will a) not be consulted b) not be respected c)…


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Competitive intelligence and confirmatory intelligence

I understand that competitive intelligence is important. But why are competitive intelligence needs always urgent?  Most companies that approach us for intelligence want it in a tearing hurry.

That some kinds of tactical intelligence is often required immediately is understandable. Strategic intelligence, on the other hand is associated with long term decisions.....

Read more...…


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Value-for-money comparison of research techniques

When you need research to answer a particular problem, how do you decide whether you will use secondary or primary research? Or, what the mix of the two will be? Do you decide  on the basis of the budget you have available? Do you decide based on what your team is good at? Do you decide on the basis of the time available to you?

To ensure you get value for money (VFM) on your research, you want high quality research, with a fast turnaround time (because time is money) and at…


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Tracking disposable income – Competitive Intelligence for driving sales

Disposable income is a key growth driver for several industries in India such as consumer durables, automobiles, tourism, education, real estate, telecom, entertainment, BFSI and so on.

These industries are interested to know where the disposable income resides by geography, occupation, age, income group and so on, so that they are better able to target their products, sales efforts and marketing campaigns.…


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The future is already here - can you read the signals?

“Can you do research and tell me what my key intelligence topic should be?” was a request from a market intelligence analyst to us recently. What he was actually saying, is that he needs pointers on what trends or developments will be relevant to his company going forward, so that he can focus on them and prepare for them now. He wants to identify relevant “weak signals”.

All new trends/ patterns/ macro changes in  technologies, society, economy, etc. start with small shifts in…


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