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Short Noted On Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam by Fazal-ur-Rehman

Under the name of Islam, Fazaul Rehman and his organisation JUIF taken thousands of children and women from Afghan refugee's camps and sold them to Arab countries by doing illicit human trafficking in the era of federally ruling of political parties #PPP (Pakistan People Party) , #PMLN (Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz).

#AfghanTaliban are also have initialized investigations on the matters that how the Islamic centers run under JUIF, and how #PMLn and #PPP governments had been protected this evil work which also caused forcedly using the Afghan women and children for prostitution in centers run by JUIF fazaul rehman. In order to remove the evidence, later on false data was created by #PPP, #JUIF and #PMLn and information probably provided to #CIA directly or indirectly which caused massive causalities of children, women and innocent men as well of Pakistani nationalities as well as Afghan nationalities.
It is very strange situation where information had been used to make money out of truth and killed massive innocent people for just political empowerment (unjustly) by political parties since last 2 decays.

Initially TTP and Lal Masjid Islamabad Network took full advantage of this fast money making method but later on funds distribution among them became a conflict and they could not carried on jointly.

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