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Hi everyone, I have since long realized that this is a great place to ask any questions related to CI. Right now we are looking to see if we can find any CI academics who are active publishing research in South America, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Russia/Eastern Europe, Turkey, Australia. I was not able to find many articles from these countries going throught the ISI Web of Knoweldge. Can anyone suggest names and publicated articles?

Best, Klaus

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Hi Babette,

Thanks for taking the time to answer this. On the Asia Pacific we have a pretty good overview of those who have published most, and they are also many (and increasing). You have ex.

Zha Xianjin (China)
Xie Xinzhou (China)
Li Yongjin (China)
Gang Li (China)
Ying Liu (China)
Y Shi (China)
H. C. W. Lau (China, Hong Kong)
Ming-Huei Hsieh (Taiwan)

Chris Hall may have been good if he was still an active researcher.

On Raghuvanshi I found no published articles in the ISI, but I know he is active here in forum. I think he is corporate, rather than academic.


Dear Klaus, indeed this is a great place to connect - just had this conversation yesterday with a South African academic colleague - this instantaneous feedback from knowledgeable people.  I am from South Africa and there have been quite a few publications over many years, the first one in 1999 on the status quo of CI in South Africa.  As soon as I log on again I will froward you some names and published articles.  Thanks.  Marie-Luce
Dear Marie-Luc,

Yes, I have followed the CI development in Sout Africa, also saw the special issue on CI in Library Management, I have noted great publications from:

Wilma Viviers (South Africa)
Adeline Du Toit (South Africa)

So, it seems the women there are doing great! There is now also a great many CI Scholars in Northern Africa, much thanks to the development of the SIIE Conferences.


Marie-Luce, sorry i misspelled your name. 


Of course I have also seen the establishment of the SAJIM,

which is probably the closest journal to the one it was decided to launch in Bad Nauheim a few weeks ago: the Journal of Intelligence Studies in Business (JISIB) (site to open in a few weeks), following the tradition of the JCIM which closed down 2 years ago. 


Check pls URL: - the biggest collection of Russian CI articles. - first CI professor in Russia.

Hello Klaus- an academic in Turkey- Christophe Bisson,

Best regards,


Hello Mr. Klaus

My name is Alisson, I'm assistant professor in Brazil and PhD student in Brazil. I spend a time studing in Portugal last year and I know Mr. Miguel D. Ferreira, who recomended this site.

Nowadays I'm studing knowledge transfer and innovation generation in brazilian multinational companies that invest in Portugal. I wrote a paper with my portuguese supervisor, Dra. Carla Curado, that will be presented at Academy of Management in EUA this year. We can identify a very organized process of CI, but specially by consumer intelligence, that is common in brazilian multinationals.

If you want I can send the paper and be in touch with you.

My e-mail is




Hi Klaus,

I just returned from Channai, India after meeting Prof. Prakash Sai of IIT Madras, Dept of Management Studies. He teaches CI to MBAs & supervises PhDs. His contact:

In fact, I teach CI in Australia & plan to work with him at IIT Madras to teach CI to MBA students there & perhaps write joint research papers on CI in India. There's certainly an emerging interest in CI at Corporate & student levels.

What is your interest in these countries?

Regards...Murali Dharan, Sydney


Thanks to everyone who have participated in the journal discussion.


A first internetsite for the new Journal, Journal of Intelligence Studies in Business (JISIB), will be up before the summer. We have chosen an Open Source platform, as part of the Open Knoweldge Project


I will post the link here, so you check out the journal for yourself.





Great Klaus - looking forward to hearing more once it's up and online.
Journal link is now up and ready for submissions, Thanks for your help.

Have a great summer!


Hi Vivek,

To be on the board you have to 1. have published extensively in the field in English, and 2. be on the short lists that circulated of possible qualified members.

However, do not let that discourage you. Everyone are free to submit scientific articles! Everyone can also join the "Friends of JISIB". Furthermore I would recommend you to participate at any of our Academic Conferences (see list on JISIB Site). Board members are also changed out now and then, so there will be future openings. Right now, we do have an Indian colleague represented, as you may have seen. He was recruited much thanks to tips here on the Ning site.

Best, Klaus


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