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There is marketing ( ) and there is political marketing as an area of marketing specialization ( ). However, are there similar connections between Competitive Intelligence ( ) and political consulting ( )? An hour ago, I've encouraged my Security & Safety Engineering students at Poznan University of Technology to reflect on it ( ). Can they count also on your help?

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उससे उसके दृष्टिकोण मे परिवर्तन आये मै नही कह सकता, पर उसे एक नयी दिशा अवश्य मिलेगी

I will interpret ( not translate ) this:

We are all prisoners of our Perception.

Maybe what I say may not change one's perception, but surely and definitely may give a new direction.
I cannot disagree with you, Vivek. :-)

सर माफ कर दो गल्ती हो गयी....

उसके जवाब का तो इंतज़ार कर लो...

भला आदमी है इसका मतलब ये नही कि वो जो कहे वो सौ फीसदी सच हो....

राजनीति एक अलग क्षेत्र है जिसका ज्ञान मुझे इससे थोडा ज़्यादा है... Period

You should have joined RAW or IB

That is where you actually belong.

You could be the future Chief Minister or the future Cabinet Minister in India because of the political clout your family enjoys in India.

Understand things in lighter vein.

Why I wrote here is because you do not "Focus and Re-Focus" together ie see both the Micro picture and Macro Picture.

Relax, you are my finest and the best.

One day Pradyumn, your time will come.

You have all the right to give your point of view.

I was putting it in the Right Perspective, the World will understand.

My favorite is "Quantum of Solace"

Daniel Craig - the man who has a special ops operator body.

NGO + Green Peace = Read between the lines
It's quite understandable [Mr. White: The first thing you should know about us is... we have people everywhere. ( )]. ;-)
> सर माफ कर दो गल्ती हो गयी....

उसके जवाब का तो इंतज़ार कर लो...

भला आदमी है इसका मतलब ये नही कि वो जो कहे वो सौ फीसदी सच हो....

राजनीति एक अलग क्षेत्र है जिसका ज्ञान मुझे इससे थोडा ज़्यादा है

Sorry sir mistake was ....

So it's waiting for his answer ...

That means it is a good man that he who says that not one hundred per cent true ....

Politics is a different area to me a little more knowledge, which is

Not too bad, isn't that so? ;-)

> Pradhuman Singh

I will interpret this and not translate:

Forgive me. Why did you pre-empt and shield him.

I know he is a good man, but also there is a possibility that he may not be 100% right.

Politics is a different ballgame altogether.

Surely, I have more experience in this field.
Thanks a lot!

Pradhuman Singh replied to the discussion 'CI in economy and... politics'
Hire a better translator next time Tad..or I'll have to reply in English all the time.... There arent too many people who can speak Polish here..else I'd love to see what you students are working on..

Just like translation plays a vital role in intelligence, free Internet machine translation plays a vital role in OSINT ( ), including Competitive Intelligence ( > ). I've used free Internet machine translation at least since 1999 ( , available now at , , ) recommending especially its "from Polish into English" option ( , available now at ). Here is one of yesterday's messages of my students ( ) translated where ( ) your Hindi words were translated yesterday morning.

In Chapter 3, access to classified information 66. § Introduction (protection of public information, Dr. Thomas Szewc, Wydawnictwo CH Beck, Warsaw 2007) principle of "need to know" is explained as the provision of classified information "only to the extent that the work of service to his present position, or carry out other work requested. Referring to the definition contained in the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Poland and the Government of the Kingdom of Norway on mutual protection of classified information, signed at Warsaw on 28 February 2007, a person entitled to the holder of "confirmed the need to obtain knowledge or possession of such information."

As regards the second part of this topic to think that we are never able to fully reflect the importance of English in this case, the definition of the "need to know." As well as English and Polish have their own dialects, varieties, etc. Many of ambiguous words of English sentences can not be literally translated or explained the meaning of someone who does not know English, even if we understand the meaning of that sentence. In such cases, more so "obcojęzycznego satisfied with defining the term".

You could question the quality of the above Google translation but you have to acknowledge that it helps us with our intelligence work all over the world.
You're too hard on your AMITY INSTITUTE OF COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE students and alumni, Vivek. You could imagine how little I could have told here about Competitive counter-Intelligence or Information security ( ) if there hadn't been such "gladiators" as Pradhuman Singh. I'd like to thank him for his interaction.



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