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Do you consider market of corporate intelligence services as an investment attractive?

Dear colleagues, I am working on market research of  corporate/competitive intelligence services, that is why I’m interested in expert opinions on the following questions:

Do you consider corporate intelligence as an investment attractive area? If yes, then why do you think so? What may be interesting to an investor when entering corporate intelligence market? How do you see development of corporate/competitive intelligence market after the global crisis?

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I do believe it is an attractive area for investing. I believe that with the economy it will be hard to sell it to the smaller guys which is something I have delt with over the past year. I did a research paper a year ago in college on CI performance inside of private military corporations. They considered it a must in their line of work. I would certainly not call myself a true expert for indepth market research. I come more from the tactical side of CI.


My personal opinion is that with the middle East crisis, I would say that if they have not already, oil investers and such will be in need of this. Please don't take all of my advise to the bank though, but as far as CI to the smaller guys such as independent businesses, etc, I've found it's very hard to get them to pay for a service like CI inless I broke it down and basically offered it for free.

Hope this helps



Thx Matt

Brother Roman,


Discreet Due Diligence is part of Corporate Intelligence which uses HUMINT 


Happy Maslenitsa

Dear Vivek, I am interested  all the industry of private intelligence, here goes all of the following are: CI, DD, OSINT, HUMINT, risk analysis, corp./fin.-investigation, fraud, crisis management etc.


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