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If you would like to reach the Intelligence Collaborative on Google Wave, let me know - I have 23 invitations remaining and would love to invite more people to the party.

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I Eric
I would like to receive an invitation please


Olá Eric
Gostava muito de receber um convite, se possível
(I know you understand portuguese)


Best regards
Music Lover - SM

from Portugal
Hello Eric,

I would like one Eric.

Hello Eric,

I'd love to join the party and be on Google Wave :-)


I'm already there, so thank you August for that.....
I'm already there - but unless you have people's google wave address i don't see how we can connect.

Mine's arthur.weiss@googlewave

Or am I doing something stupid.
Hi Eric,
I would like to receive an invitation,please.
Thanks in advance


Can you please share an invitation with me too?


If you could add me to the list of invitees that would be most appreciated.

Thank you
Yes please! That's one less invitation you'll have - and another person at the party.


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