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Peak Intel: How So-Called Strategic Intelligence Actually Makes Us Dumber

I'd like to share for the community, Eric Garland's new piece which made it all the way to the front page of


As you'll note, his intro will hit quite hard for any CI Pro:
An industry that once told hard truths to corporate and government clients now mostly just tells them what they want to hear, making it harder for us all to adapt to a changing world -- and that's why I'm leaving it.

Eric has never been short on dexterous insight for the CI community, and this piece is no different.  After reading his article, I can't help but ask, "Where do we go from here?"



Eric's piece has created no small stir of buzz, including this video interview on The Alyona Show:

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Beat me to it Arik, answered my question before I raised a recording and there you are with the recording...

You mere wish is my command my friend ;-)


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