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I've been using a lot of mind mapping tools to develop CI knowledge taxonomies lately, and I thought it might be fun to make a taxonomy of CI as a discipline. Attached here is my first, down and very dirty first pass, one that took all of 15 minutes, so don't expect to be blown away by my penetrating insight :)

The public URL for this is: with the oh-so-secure password being, "editme." Feel free to mash/mix this if you like. Personally, I think it would go well with a deep dub remix of Chaka Khan's, "I Feel for You."

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Hi Vernon, I'm kieran DOT michael AT gmail DOT com, and I'd love to get a copy of that course. I can add some of the descriptions as notes attached to particular terms in the taxonomy, so people can click on the notes to see the definition or amplification.
I put up a blog post with a revised version of the mindmap today here. I made sure to name check you folks for your gracious input.
Thanks Woz!

I did another iteration of it yesterday to include Babette's exceedingly excellent suggestions for analytic techniques.

Does anyone have a paid version of mindmeister? I'd like to get it outputted as a mindjet file, but you need a paid mindmeister account for that.

Now that I'm back in my office, I have sent you a copy of the basic CI course content, together with the US version of the glossary. I hope they help.

Got it Vernon, thanks so much. I'll take a look at this as soon as I can and see what can be incorporated.


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