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In planning its upcoming programming year, SCIP Wisconsin is looking for ideas for a full-day training, professional development session at Lambeau Field. Who would you want to learn from? Who would you pay to hear speak?

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Brian - Here's the question: how much are tickets? I expect one level of speaker for the standard $35 rubber chicken dinner event. A $1200 per day master class? I look for something a bit more substantial.


I guess I would put the question another way - what are the topics in intelligence that need exploration? There I would say social network analysis, weak signals/advanced warning, financial forensics, intellectual property - anywhere there is complexity that needs decoding.

Thanks, Eric. I appreciate your time.

Next time I ask the question, I'll be more specific. Apparently you've thought more about our event than we have. I will, though, pass your thoughts on to the committee.

Speaking of the committee, it is unanimous: #4 will not be invited to speak at Lambeau.
Why would you want him now anyway? Favre has so checkered his legacy plus there's a new star in town.
Nah. #4 was never under consideration. Though, I can't dismiss how helped pull GB up from the depths. Brent, we'll never forget you. ;)

I think would be obvious now:




Again, I'll say, anybody from the "best team in football" is pretty interesting...



From my past experience in these types of workshops, many practitioners really enjoy hearing from other practitioners and anything that you can do to attract practitioners to speak, it will be an attractive value proposition.  War stories, shared experiences, overcoming the challenges all sound more authentic coming from someone who is or has lived through them.  (No offence to my consultant friends)  A balance would be appropriate-- perhaps even a local practitioner or two. 

Thank you, Melanie. I appreciate it - great ideas!

No one asked me ;)....but I'll offer my services.

I've been an outsourced CI practitioner for 30+ years, working in more than 200 industries, with examples and examples and more examples, from the US as well as Europe, Asia, and Africa. And I have a distinct point of view as detailed in my book, Competitive Intelligence Advantage, which is required reading in several US universities (including Johns Hopkins business school) and universities in the UK and Australia.

I'll even come to Wisconsin in the winter from LA!! Why? I think there's far too much emphasis on competitors, data, technology, and software. Yes, they have their place, but too many SCIP presentations (conference and chapters) and articles focus on these areas rather than the most valuable aspects of CI.

I keep waiting for CI to "catch on" in business....the strategic and insightful value of CI. Those of us who understand and practice CI have to become ambassadors and relentlessly teach and explain what we do and why it's critical for decision-making and growth.


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