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Why people insist in keeping human beings in these videos about the future!? It seens that they don't make any sense in there!!!

A Day Made of Glass... Made possible by Corning


Productivity Future Vision (2011)

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I love this video - it's a great promotional tool for Corning, and a view to our future. And of course humans make sense. We design our future - not the other way round. We design the robots, and the machines - they serve us, and so we need to be in these future videos. John Connor's world (The Terminator) is fiction and I believe (pray) will remain fiction - machines won't take over in the future so that humans become redundant.

I liked your mention "I pray"!!! Funny! ;)


Take a look at this link:


IBM Simulates 4.5 Percent of the Human Brain and Might Make You Obsolete by 2019


I'm getting scared about all these!!!


Take a look at the books of Ray Kurzweil: The Age of Spiritual Machines, and The Singularity is Near!




Considering yours: "John Connor's world (The Terminator) is fiction and I believe (pray) will remain fiction"


Take a look at:


Best regards

Hi Sandros!


Cool video, good marketing, but I am afraid Corning only makes the glass. It is an inspirational video for their customers and potential customers, of what they (other companies like Apple, MS etc) could do potentially with this product. However, the moving-of-grandma-on-the-table part would mean there had to be camera tech in the whole plate :-)





Hi Klaus,


I think the Cornings video cool too, but to me it seens there are a lot of overlaps, I mean, redundancies! For example, there still are traffic signs in a time of supersmart cars...


Maybe you should consider this other video, a more realistic one. I didn't have time to watch the whole movie yet!


I am not sure the other video is more realistic, but I would love to see the movie, e.g. with Colin Powell playing himself. Ray Kursweil is a charismatic futurist, but he is first of all an author, not an academic scientist. That said, I think we need more "futurlologists", as the French call them. Only that we have to treat their ideas more as "possibilities" than what is actually going to happen. 


Hi Klaus,


Have you ever read the Kurzweils book THE AGE OF SPIRITUAL MACHINES, from 1999? It seems he hit at least 90% of his predictions to 2009. The book follows with predictions to 2019, 2029, 2039 ... 2099.


Best Regards


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