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Essential Dozen Analysis Methods Information Pros Need to Know to Support their Organization's CI Efforts

Dr. Craig S. Fleisher, Chief Learning Officer, Aurora WDC, Madison, WI @craigfleisher

Virtual Program Thursday, August 22, 2013 1-2 PM ET




The fundamental purpose of any form of competitive intelligence (CI) is to anticipate and produce a more desirable future. Great strides have been made by information professionals in recent years in acquiring data and information to support intelligence efforts, but the processing, exploitation and analysis of these inputs have not yet reached a "tipping point" where the intelligence serves decision makers to its highest and best use.  Much of this occurs because analysts and their organizations are not using a sufficient range of methods or the information being acquired and shared with them by special librarians. This webinar by the co-author of Analysis without Paralysis: 12 Tools to Make Better Strategic Decisions 2nd Ed." (w/ B. Bensoussan, FT Press, 2013) and popular presenter on this topic at the last three annual SLA meetings uses mini-case studies of well-known companies and industries to give you a helpful tour of the dozen essential techniques that your organization must be able to exploit. We'll look briefly at methods like competitor profiling featuring the four corners, driving forces analysis, industry analysis featuring the nine forces, PLC, scenario analysis, and STEEP among the others that you should know to support the ongoing intelligence needs of your analysts and decision needs of your executives.



  1. Develop an understanding of the need to support analysis activities occurring throughout the organization
  2. Gain basic exposure to the top 12 essential analytical techniques
  3. Appreciate how analytical techniques can inform the decision making and intelligence process


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