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I wanted to make everyone aware of the fact that the call for proposals for sessions for the SCIP 2009 conference has been posted to the SCIP web site:

Proposals are due at midnight on September 01, 2008.

As much as I can I am willing to offer advice or guidance about proposals in this forum of via e-mail at

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From the text of the call for proposals posted to

>Intelligence R&D

>Academics and researchers continue to push at the
>boundaries of competitive intelligence to identify new
>methods, tools and analytical frameworks that can add
>value to the practice of competitive intelligence. This is the
>track for researchers to continue to push those boundaries
>as well as explore the topics of competitve intelligence in
>academia and how the practice can be applied in promoting >undergraduate and graduate curriculums. Options for this
>track can include multi-disciplinary topics to competitive
>intelligence and vice-versa.
The deadline for proposals for SCIP09 has been extended to September 12, 2009.
Thanks for the information. I was glad to see that SCIP is finally going to make its keynote speakers deal with CI. I am sorry it is ignoring the speaker comp issue, however.


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