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Tactical, Operational & Strategic Analysis of Markets, Competitors & Industries

Does anyone knows a basic guide -in any language- on what it is Competitive Intelligence and how to implement the CI cycle on a general business? References and experiences are welcome.

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Thank you Babette.
I'll try to get one of those copies you mention. Unfortunately, their prices seems to be prohibitively high. Will look on second hand circuits.
Best regards.
We used to be able to get a good deal on Kirk Tyson's books through SCIP, but I am unsure if that offer is still open. Bonnie Hohhof would be the person to ask about this. Good luck!

Thank you Ellen.

I have in mind your contribution to the discussion on Seena Sharp's book as well.

What we are trying to launch here, within the Spanish Association for the Promotion of Competitive Intelligence, ASEPIC,, is some sort of document or guide, with the basics of CI –demystifying it, but without trivializing anything—, that might be useful for the purposes of the association for both small and medium size companies so that in a brief manner they could acquire the feeling, or impression, that CI techniques and objectives could be a firm step ahead for their future business plans and activities, and a way of dealing with global markets, their internationalization strategies, if any, etc. Any of your views on this would be very much appreciated.


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