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I am reading Dancing with Digital Natives: Staying in Step with the General that... edited by Michelle Manafy and Heidi Gautschi, and wanted to share this title with this group, as the focus of this book is how to relate to, engage, teach and learn from Millenials. Each chapter has a different author and focuses on different skills and disciplines ranging from training and managing police officers to teaching digital literacy digitally. 


It's a good read for any information professional and give CI professionals who collect intelligence some better ideas of how to relate to the Millenial generation, which naturally wants to share, but may not trust us elders. 


I wonder if anyone else here has read or is reading this book and what you've picked up on?

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You know it is interesting, I would not necessarily say that it is an issue of not trusting elders.   The truth is they easily interact with people from a wide range of ages and backgrounds in forums and online games, though sometimes they may not even know it.   And these people may even be of a higher rank and authority, be it as a message board moderator or a higher rated gamer.

I think that's true on line, mostly since age doesn't matter when you're digital. Where I notice it, is in person, at meetings.

Happy Weekend!

Perhaps the paradigm toward meetings should be re-evaluated, then.


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