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Is there a tool or service that lists Fortune 1000 company vendor/product selections?

I’ve seen a sample of SalesQuest’s “Crush Report” which aligns with what I’m looking for, however their listings DO NOT include purchase dates which seriously undermines the CI value of this data in my opinion. 


If it helps, the motive behind my question is for the purpose of looking at vendor selections across the entire group and/or by industry(s) for a Wisdom of Crowds approach to the vendor selections of these large companies.


I am also aware that Ariba’s Supplier Network could possibly represent a good aggregation of clients/vendors but what that service offers instead is RFP lead routing to related vendors.  


There may be no real magic bullet for this other than good old fashion primary and secondary research but better to ask than reinvent the wheel... 


 Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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