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LETS HAVE FUN~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 When it comes to new aquasistions, investitors, clients, etc., we are sometimes faced with problems that require fast, and accurate dicisions to be made. Not all the time can an executive, marketing director, or the CFO stop what they are doing to attend the issue at hand. Sometimes the problems get pushed to the side untill it is too late, or it gets handed off to someone that has no idea how to fix it.


What would some of this problems be? The everyday issues CIO's (competitive intelligence officer ( to be fancy) deal with can be very diverse. I am hoping to draw some attention to this discussion for us as CI professionals to have a little fun with and I hope you all can bring your thoughts, ideas, and experiences to this discussion. The idea behind this is to listen to issues that we have all delt with, and then discuss how we solved them, if at all. This will be good for the people that are knew to CI, and give some of us a chance to meet each other. So please post your thoughts, and issues you have faced in your profession on here, and talk about how you helped solve it and allow others to give advice, insight, and comments on it. I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY!!!! 

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