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As we get closer, I wanted to throw out a question: What are everyone's plans for attending the SCIP 2009 Annual International Conference & Exhibition?

The program teams have spent months putting together a compelling and innovative program that will appeal to beginning, intermediate and advance competitive intelligence professionals. You can read detailed program descriptions and presenter biographies here:

Networking and sharing expertise directly with my fellow CI practitioners keep me coming back to SCIP. I'm excited to be hosting colleagues in my native hometown of Chicago and definitely plan on introducing a few of them to the heavenly joy that is Gino's East Pizza. If I can answer any questions about Chicago please feel free to ask here.

See you all in Chicago!

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Hi Alan,

I am in the same boat as you. Here is what I send to SCIP: Go to the print screen in PowerPoint and select "Handouts" 2 slides per page and save it and send it off to SCIP. I often take a preview of the two slides per page PPT view and convert it to a PDF so it's a PDF I send to SCIP rather than a PPT. The file takes up less space and SCIP provides our slides on a DVD for all attendees in PDF format.


Thank you Ellen; thank you August; and thank you too Sandy Skipper who called me based on my posting the comment here. What a great networking site; so thank you too Arik!

Anyway, in case I'm wrong, I do not want my next comment to be viewed as anything official... but what I heard from Sandy was: I can have one slide per page - just put the SCIP logo on the first slide, send the slides to Robyn Reals at SCIP, and Robyn will do the rest. That's what I call great SCIP support! (She also said I can keep my slides in color!)
I am looking forward to SCIP in Chicago, an easy location for most in America to get to since it's in the center of the country with two great airports and public transportation right into the city from both! It's also easier than most airports to fly into from outside the US!

And what a mecca for good food: I look forward to the pizza and Greek town and so much more...

I'll be giving a couple of talks one on Build an Early Warning Process through Cooperative Connection, and Capture CI from Sales and Customers for Lucrative Product Development.

I am excited about seeing old friends and making new friends at SCIP 09 the old fashioned way instead of electronically. At the same time I am excited to join the SCIP09 conference team in sharing what we learn from the conference through social networks like Twitter and through blogging since I imagine with this weak economy some members have had their travel budgets slashed.

August, let us know how we can help to make SCIP 09 a success. I am thinking I'll blog about the conference to help boost attendance through my circle of readers, and it typically gets picked up on Google Alerts.




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