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Yesterday I published my interview with Luis Madureira on his application of Marketing 3.0 or sensory marketing to competitive intelligence. You can listen to the interview here:


This interview follows Luis's presentation of this concept at the Barcelona SCIP conference last Autumn.


Marketing 3.0 is an interesting concept to which I had not been exposed previously. It has to do with the deliberate application of sensory signals as extensions of the firm's marketing strategy. Luis goes into some detail in a comparison of Abercrombie & Fitch to the Gap. A+F clearly apply an aesthetic intended to appeal to their target market on all five senses while the Gap does little beyond some basic logo and visual design. One clothier clearly has a strategy while the other clearly does not.


Luis explains some of the applications of this method in B2B marketing as well. Here his example is McKinsey. Their consultants will always be well-dressed in professional attire and speak in a manner that conveys competency and confidence. Their consultants will not wear heavy perfume or cologne. The list goes on.


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