Competitive Intelligence

Tactical, Operational & Strategic Analysis of Markets, Competitors & Industries

#SLA2013 Conference Decks {links embedded} Include

OPENING KEYNOTE – Form request 8 pp excerpt -- similar video [potato washer] &

60 Sites in 60 Minutes MAYBE

Advertising & Marketing: Trends MAYBE via

Ask Copyright Expert MAYBE

Bad Food: Life Cycle of Food Recall  Bad-Food_Gaus.pdf - Bad-Food_Shisler.pdf

Biodiversity Heritage Library & Medical Heritage Library BiodiversityLibMedLib_Morin.pdf

Biomaterials & Their Use in Tissue Engineering Biomaterials_Christman.pdf

Biomedical & Life Sciences Division Contributed Papers Altmetrics_Galloway.pdf - PersonalizedEdDelivery_Koonce.pdf - UsingaVendorScorecard_Kooy.pdf - UsingFocusGroups_Martin_Slack.pdf

Border & Immigration Issues: How They Affect Libraries, Informa... BorderandImmigrationIssues_Davis.pdf

Brave New World: Molecular Diagnostics BraveNewWorld_Boomer.pdf - BraveNewWorld_Nelson.pdf BraveNewWorld_Reynolds.pdf

Building Community through Value-Added Databases  BuildCommValue-AddedDatabases_Tripp-Melby.pdf

Consulting: Managing Expectations MAYBE

Content & Interfaces: What's New?  ContentandInterfaces_Lederman.pdf

Content Buying Hot Topics for 2013 MAYBE

Corporate Libraries: Adding Value in Workplace Crucial Confrontations Corporate Libraries_Matthews.pdf

DBIO Medical Section Reception & Business Meeting  DBIOMedicalSectionReceptionBusMeeting_Donahue.pdf

DBIO Vendor Relations Lunch DBIOVendorRelationsLunch_Saffer.pdf

Different Hats: Librarians in Federal Government  MAYBE around

Disaster Planning for Information Professionals DisasterPlanningforInfoPros_Donahue.pdf - DisasterPlanningforInfoPros_Fusscas.pdf ActiveShooter_Fusscas.pdf - InfluenzaEpidemic_Fusscas.pdf

Dream Jobs: What's It Like to Work THERE? MAYBE

Energy Resources Roundtable MAYBE

Enhance Your Records Management Program With Taxonomy MAYBE via

Favorite CI Analytic Tools that Deliver Value CI-AnalyticToolsDeliverValue_Bernaiche.pdf

Team packet on request...

Global Economic Outlook MAYBE

Go Beyond Google: Gathering Competitive Intelligence within

Hot Topics in Biobusiness HotTopicsinBiobusiness_Erbes.pdf - HotTopicsinBiobusiness_Shamel.pdf

How to Apply Your Taxonomy to Your Content HowtoApplyYourTax.pdf

How to Re-Energize Your Library Richard Hulser, Chief Librarian LA ...

Implementing Open Source MAYBE

Introduction to Open Repository & its Role in Repository Enviro...  MAYBE

Introduction to Text Mining MAYBE

Joyful Negotiating

Just Say NO to Aimlessness! Strategic Leveraging of Social Media Co...  StrategicLeveragingSocial-Media-Content_Yanek.pdf - JustSaynotoAimlessness_Salonen.pdf

Key Success Factor for Knowledge Management… What Else? Change Mana... KeySuccessFactorforKM_Anklam_Salonen.pdf - SuccessFactorsforKM_Salonen.pdf

KM Content that Delivers: Learn from Experience of Early Adopters view only

Leadership Orientation LeadOrienPhilBlair.pdf - LeadOrienSpeedDating.pdf

Leadership Roles in KM: Grabbing New Opportunities! MAYBE

Leadership: Commanding Officer's Viewpoint ACommandingOfficersViewpoint_Smith.pdf

Legal Division Unconference Featuring Corporate Cafe MAYBE

Librarians as Intelligence Analysts LibrariansIntelligenceAnalysts_Reid.pdf

Lightning Talks

Listening to Pharma Chatter: Real-world Topic Monitoring MAYBE

Lunch & Learn: Springer for R&D for Corporate & Hospita... / Lunch & Learn: Springer for R&D for Corporate & Hospita...

Never Underestimate Art of Storytelling in KM MAYBE

Next Generation Sci-Tech Librarians: Helping Institutions & Res...  NextGenSciTechLibrarians_Brown.pdf - NextGenSciTechLibrarians_Makar.pdf NextGenSciTechLibrarians_Priem.pdf

Ninja Skills for Librarians MAYBE later via

Optimal Learning through Collaboration: How, Why, Who, & Where? OptimalLearningCollab_Shumaker.pdf - OptimalLearningCollaboration_Walton.pdf

Optimizing Your CI Collection: Where PubINT Meets HumINT OptimizingYourCICollection_Naylor.pdf

Organizing Disney: Challenges of Unionizing Happiest Place on Earth MAYBE

PAM Astronomy Roundtable  PAMAstronomyRoundtable_Kneale.pdf

Project Management Certification - What's in It for You? ProjManCertWhatsinItforYou_Diaz.pdf - ProjManCertWhatsinItforYou_Josephine.pdf - ProjManCertWhatsinItforYou_Spain .pdf - ProjManCertWhatsinItforYou_Spain.pdf

Resilient Solo MAYBE

Science & Engineering 101  SciandEng101_Manasco.pdf

Science & Technology on Go: An Update SciandTechontheGo_Allison.pdf

Science of Wine Related Link

Selecting Taxonomy Management Tool MAYBE or

SharePoint Speed Dating: Tips & Techniques from Pros SharePointSpeedDating_Buttita.pdf

SLA Career Connection Seminar - Your Résumé as Marketing Tool: Make... See also

SLA Career Connection Seminar Make Most Difficult Situation: Soluti...  MakeMostDifficult-Situation_Hurst-Wahl.pdf

SLA Career Connection Workshop: Preparing for an Interview See also

SLA Chapter Cabinet Meeting  ChapterCabinetAgenda.pdf

SLA Contributed Papers - Metrics, Ranking, & Discovery SocialMediaCitationMetrics_Galloway.pdf - DeterminingValue_Carroll.pdf - MetricsRankingDiscovery_Badia.pdf

SLA Contributed Papers - Mobile, Remote, & Distributed Information  ElephantintheRoom_Poot.pdf - UsingMobileTechnologies_Verma.pdf - MobileRemoteDistributedInfo_Cook.pdf

SLA Contributed Papers - University Faculty Issues & Knowledge ... SupportingNIHGrantees_Rosenzweig.pdf - UnivFacultyIssuesKM_Romaine.pdf

SLA Division Cabinet Meeting  DivisionCabinetAgenda.pdf

SLA Joint Cabinet Meeting  JointCabinetAgenda.pdf

South of Border: Research & Library Resources in Mexico – related/similar

SPOTLIGHT SESSION: Collecting Dangerously: Hows & Whys of Contr... MAYBE

SPOTLIGHT SESSION: Digital Preservation Network – related/similar

SPOTLIGHT SESSION: Experts Are In!: One-Off Career Advice SLA-ExpertsAreIn.pdf

SPOTLIGHT SESSION: Organizing Knowledge OrganizingKnowledge_Lambe.pdf

SPOTLIGHT SESSION: Position your Career & your Library for Next... MAYBE via

SPOTLIGHT SESSION: Practitioner Picks: Best CI Techniques in Legal,... BestCITechniques_Herron.pdf - BestCITechniques_Herron.pdf - BestCITechniques_Jackson.pdf

SPOTLIGHT SESSION: Race to Patent Office - Impact of America Invent... RacetothePatentOffice_Chochrek.pdf - RacetothePatentOffice_Hagler.pdf

SPOTLIGHT SESSION: Researching Emerging Issues: Climate Change thro... ResearchingEmergingIssues.pdf

Starting Taxonomy Project  StartingTaxonomyProject_Morales.pdf - StartingTaxProject_Redmond-Neal.pdf

Storytelling across Multiple Platforms  MAYBE

Systems Thinking in Libraries SystemsThinkinginLibraries_Tompson.pdf

Taxonomy Division Business Meeting  ThinkingStrategicallyCritically_Dysart_Jones.pdf - ThinkingStrategicallyCritically_Dysart_Jones_Color.pdf

Tips & Tricks Developing & Using Research Apps, APIs & ...  MAYBE

Transforming Libraries: by SLA President Deb Hunt & SLA Past-Pr...

What Hard-Core Technologies does Librarian Need to Know? MAYBE eventually via

What’s All Commotion about KM Governance?  KMGovernance_Cogliano.pdf

Where Did Books Go? Exploring E-Library Models at Engineering &...  WhereDidtheBooksGo_Wilson.pdf

You Built It. They Didn't Come. Now What? Communication Managing Change MAYBE



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Nicole Engard's session -- I guessed wrong -- it's not at her SlideShare -- go to

BTW -- she mentioned it is both places actually

Engineering Division recommends you check out their prezis via their site....

Trying to see if there is a full version of the Mike Walsh Keynote -- and when more details re the FT survey results will be available.  Only chasing the other decks opportunistically for now.  Will look in more depth after July 4th.


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