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Telligent Evolution - Anyone have any experience with this software within a CI context?

Exploring ways to help structure a CI environment here. We have SharePoint already, but we also have a social collaboration and internal networking software called Telligent. Just wondering if anyone has deployed this particular tool for some CI functions. It is more data-centric than document centric, which is where I believe it has more value than SharePoint. Just looking for some thoughts.


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Hello Kevin,
My name is Leonardo Varella, from WeListen, and we've developed a product called InnovationCast, which is an end-to-end Enteprise Innovation Management software solution that runs on Telligent.
I agree with your comments on Telligent and Sharepoint. Telligent is a more collaborative platform than Sharepoint, and in that sense is of greater value in initiatives that benefit from being more socialy-powered.
InnovationCast has a collaborative approach to managing innovation, from capturing ideas and collaboratively evolving them, to the creation of tangible innovation opportunities, to the implementation of innovation projects. Besides helping in achieving a competitive advantage through innovation, we also increase the probability of finding insights or triggers for innovation and disseminate them through the organization, to make it easier to indentify the (sometimes weak) signals of the business environment.
In this sense, I really think this could interest you and leverage your investment in your Telligent platform.
Let me know if you'd like to further this discussion.
Kind regards,


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