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Competitive Futures white paper: Social media and customer relationship management

Competitive Futures is launching a new multi-client research project over the next six months on the future of social media and customer relationship management. This white paper details the insights that lead us to take on this important topic on behalf of our clients.

For a full project prospectus, call us at 877.431.6565 or contact us.…


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Podcast with Paul Higgins: The difference between vision and execution

This episode of the CompFutures Podcast features Australian futurist Paul Higgins, founder of Emergent Futures. Paul has a fascinating background, a veterinary surgeon who turned toward foresight after a simple ad for a futures studies grad program. In this episode, he describes when executives should think about the future versus tending to execution, how the future of trust will be key to our… Continue

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Egypt and changing units of analysis

The political unrest in the Middle East brings up some geeky thoughts about the techniques of strategic analysis. This is not from the "Hey, you should dig megatrends!" book of the future, but direct from the canon of heavy geopolitics and game theory. E.H. Carr's realism versus… Continue

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Competitive Intelligence, Government Acquisitions, and a Hallucinogenic Future

With the bankruptcy of General Motors, our economy has finally hopped over the plane’s wing into the Twilight Zone. Not that this event was surprising to anybody with a cursory interest in money or cars - GM bet its future on the world’s endless thirst for bloated Hummers and Yukons and left quality and disruptive innovation to Asian rivals, all while locked into being America’s largest private provider of healthcare and pensions. You can get six Jack Welches, ten Peter Druckers and those guys… Continue

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