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Using Game Theory to Predict Competitive Behavior - a Free Live Webinar with Dr. Niall Fraser - Wednesday 9 April 2008

"Business is a game, the greatest game in the world if you know how to play it."
~ Thomas J. Watson, Founder of IBM

Coming up next week, Wednesday 9 April 2008, beginning at 1:00 PM Eastern / 10:00 AM Pacific time, Aurora WDC's COO and Director of Research, Derek Johnson, will be host of Aurora's next live, free 75-minute webinar, featuring Dr. Niall Fraser co-founder and principal scientist of Open Options Corporation on the subject of Using Game Theory to Predict Competitive Behavior.

Click this link to register now, as seating is limited.

Dr. Fraser is recognized as the leader in Game Theory by some of the world's largest corporations, including companies like Chevron, IBM, GE, Microsoft, Ford, Boeing and others who use Game Theory to determine the best attainable outcome for their most complicated issues and competitive challenges.

Through an IBM case study of how the company used Open Options and Game Theory to answer these critical questions and to develop a strategic action plan for their Linux strategy, this session will teach you:

1. When to apply Game Theory
2. Which industries and types of problems best match its strengths
3. What information you require and how to collect it
4. How to predict competitor behavior
5. How to identify emerging threats, workable trade-offs, hidden allies and hidden opponents

This is your chance to hear from a leader in Game Theory - space is...

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Comment by Eduardo on April 4, 2008 at 11:25am
Thank you Arik for the invite! Unfortunately, I already have tickets for the opera on that evening (in Berlin). We will surely catch up some days later in San Diego. Wish you a successful webinar. Best Eduardo

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