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Last One up to the Cloud, Please Turn out the Lights.

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I was reading this article on Wired today about the 700 MHz spectrum auction that basically says that even though Verizon "won" Google actually got what they wanted - open access to the new and improved wireless spectrum, spectrum that has a much wider and deeper RF penetration than the existing ones.

It's been my opinion that neat new gadgets like Apple's Air and the Asus eee PC are actually really test balloons, almost loss leaders if you will. I suspect that companies like Apple and Intel (who's involved with Asus) intend these devices to shake out consumer and business entrance into cloud computing. It's a relatively low opportunity cost way to get a "hands on" read on how and in what way folks will begin to access not only data but also applications not "living" in their own, personal machines. Ultimately, these are not dumb companies and they want to know where the money's coming from in the future.

So in this even more instantaneous connected and environment, what do we as CI people do to network and connect? How do we adapt our internal information distribution and collaboration protocols? In CI especially trust is key, so how do we deal with the soon to be de facto world of cloud computing? The above, necessarily, ignored the much larger topic of SaaS, and in that arena companies like google and IBM are rolling out tons of stuff...but that's for another post.

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