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A world of security and services for your Switzerland and Europe stays.

IDBS-Sécurité assure the Security for all your Travel & Stays in Switzerland and Europe.

Out of vocation and training we organize the best for your security and your comfort.

Our team, trained from army and government, is selected with the highest standards of :
Anti-terrorism preparation, Personal defense, Shooting skills, Hostage protection, Driving, Piloting, Navigation, Savoir Faire, Elegance.

Maximum privacy at any level, even within the workgroup
Execution time of any task
Undisputed obedience

Only the top 10% of the applicants will be admitted in our team.

The customer care service directs the logistics and the organization night and day at any level.

We always offer with our partners at the best of their condition : Limousines, Helicopters, Airplanes, Yachts and other luxury goods.

Complete reliability, trust and serenity are the characteristics which make our service simply unique in its kind.



Chemin du Repos 6,

CP 281,

1213 Petit-Lncy 2 /Geneva

Tel.: +41 22/792.68.69

Fax: +41 22/793.00.38

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