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State Level Scanning: (Brief): Island & Land area, good for shipping business, Tourism Business and Food Business as well construction business. Penang is less developed state as compared to the Selangor except electronic industries which is 80% equipped or ready for rev 4.0 [This is because Penang has been a hub for electric & electronic manufacturing industries and this provides strong basement for IOT industries toward 4.0] . Penang does have sustainable factor even at the time of recession as compared to the rest of states in Malaysia. but it does not have a domestic territorial backup factor as per the State of Selangor does (Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Cyber Jaya). AND International territorial backup factor as per the State of Johor (Singapore). Education system is fine, but people prefer foreign and technical institution more widely. A good number of retired foreigners especially English speaking can contribute to education if some program to teach local should be started


  • Food Integrity Product Manufacturing; (Halal, Halal-Veg, Kosher, Kosher-Veg)
  • Construction - Airport, Sea Port, Ship Yard (Building & Breaking) etc.;
  • Tourism (Inbound, Outbound, Religious, Historical & Tech)
  • Education is in demand on technical level, will increase if the state adopts industry 4.0
  • FDI environment is suitable and well facilitated
  • Renewable energy sector is also "investment attractive"
  • Health Tech businesses specially to facilitate “elderly people facilitation” are in demand/ required.
  • Clean-tech is also requirement because of industrial management for safety & environment

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