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How are you planning to elevate your intelligence game in 2012?

Aurora WDC - See Clearly Think Ahead Break Through Elevating Your Intelligence Program in the Year Ahead

How are you planning to elevate your intelligence game in 2012?

In this edition's video, we show how intelligence managers can optimize their budget investments in the year ahead. No matter how ambitious your plans might be, in order to drive successful results, you need to know where your program is starting from. To help, Aurora WDC has introduced a new global diagnostic instrument designed by Dr. Craig Fleisher which, for the first time, offers intelligence officers in business a confidential, annual, peer-level scorecard of their organization's analytical capacity. Read on and then watch the video above to learn more.

Derek Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, Aurora WDC

Back-to-school season also means football season. And no football team takes the field without first giving their players the very best training before game day. Pre-season training camp focuses players' attention on the field where they relentlessly drill each position even while strength training in the gym. But training also means working together to master the plays necessary to win. Then, throughout the season, preparing together to face each opponent, players unite to study film, keep healthy and stay fit so that, on game day they perform at their best.

Intelligence teams are similar to football teams in many ways, but with one critical difference: intelligence managers rarely have their players train together as a team.

Aurora aims to change that, but investing in your people is just one of many things you can do today to elevate your game in the year ahead.

Watch the video to learn more and then request an invitation to participate in Aurora's Analytical Fitness Diagnostic. Dr. Fleisher will be presenting interim findings from the global survey in his October 20th keynote at the Competitive Intelligence Users Conference in Carmel, Indiana - you can receive a $200 discount if you register by September 9th using the registration code BITWISECI.

As you will learn in the official press release below, the survey is completely confidential and participation is by invitation-only. Again, if you would like to be invited, please send an email to "" or reply to me here and we will get back to you. We believe Craig's diagnostic will, for the first time, make it possible to measure and systematically improve the analytical fitness of intelligence teams everywhere. We hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to score your operation against your peers.

If you plan to attend the Pharma CI Conference in New Jersey September 13 and 14, please pay us a visit at Booth #32 to meet Craig, myself and others from the Aurora team. Meanwhile, please join me and 1,900 of your colleagues from more than 85 countries on the Competitive Intelligence Ning community at to stay ahead of the best and next practices driving intelligence in business.

Derek L. Johnson

Derek L. Johnson, CFA
Chief Executive Officer
Aurora WDC
Phone: 608-850-4869



Dr. Craig S. Fleisher, Chief Learning Officer, Aurora WDC

Analytical Fitness Diagnostic Survey Gives Intelligence Managers Confidential Scorecards to Improve Performance

Interim results of the breakthrough Analytical Fitness instrument comparing performance of competitive, market and business intelligence teams will be presented October 20th, 2011 at the Competitive Intelligence Users Conference.

Madison, Wisconsin - August 31, 2011

Dr. Craig S. Fleisher, Chief Learning Officer of intelligence firm Aurora WDC, will present interim findings from his pioneering global diagnostic survey measuring Analytical Fitness in competitive intelligence, market intelligence and business intelligence teams.

The ongoing survey is designed to provide a confidential, annual scorecard for intelligence managers to use in planning how to improve the skills and capabilities of their team. Dr. Fleisher's keynote address at the Competitive Intelligence Users Conference, to be given October 20th in Carmel, Indiana will present interim findings to-date from data aggregated across participating companies worldwide to interpret the trends driving how intelligence analysis is helping companies of all kinds solve real-world business problems. Conference attendees registering before September 9th using registration code "BITWISECI" will receive a $200 discount.

Dr. Fleisher is recognized worldwide for his expertise as a prolific author, trusted advisor and ground-breaking scholar on applying more than 300 analytical methods, processes and frameworks to solve real-world business problems. Dr. Fleisher joined Aurora WDC earlier this year in the new role of Chief Learning Officer following a 25-year academic career as a professor, researcher, department chair and dean of schools of business and management in leading universities worldwide.

Participation in the survey is invitation-only. Request an invitation by emailing "" - all applicants will receive instructions about how to participate and should plan to attend the CI Users Conference October 20-21 in Carmel, Indiana for a first look at overall results.

About Aurora WDC:

Founded in 1995, Aurora offers clients of every kind global primary research, competitive and market analysis, monitoring and training services, software and systems consulting, counter-intelligence, integrated program development and a network of third-party solution partners to intelligence teams and their clients worldwide. For more information visit or call 800-924-4249.

Aurora WDC | 800-924-4249 |
901 Deming Way, Madison, WI 53717 USA

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Comment by Ulrich Houzanme (aka Tibaut) on September 2, 2011 at 4:30am
These topics discussed are of utmost value and the Aurora Team seams to be speaking from a position of strength (understanding of the issues and experience dealing with them). Thanks for sharing!

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