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Video discussion with Arik Johnson about developing elite analysts

I am working these days on a new model of CI capability called analytical fitness. It is derived in part from my research on analysis techniques, some of which has been shared in several of my books (they can be found here on my CI2020 site), as well as some additional research Aurora is conducting. You can learn more about this by seeing me discuss it with noted CI expert Arik Johnson at



Any corporate CI analysts who would like to contribute to or participate in this research should send me a note requesting as such. As a long-time researcher in the intel field, I always appreciate the help of interested others in projects and learn from those people who contribute to it. Depending on what the empirical results demonstrate, my colleagues and I hope to be sharing the new model by way of my newest book, which I think is my 11th or 12th original one.

On a related note to my friends here, in particular because a couple of you have privately asked me about this in recent weeks and I couldn't give you a precise answer -- I honestly lost count of how many I've authored some time ago. If someone were to start counting all the foreign translations, new editions, condensed versions, e-versions and so forth, the number is likely closer to triple this; nevertheless, quality and usefulness matter far more than quantity IMHO. I actually try and achieve on both counts, and every so often, particularly when assisted by some of my brilliant colleagues (and those of you on this site know who you are), I am fortunate enough to do so.

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