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Business Perspectives on Emerging Markets

If you are interested in Emerging Market finding from our Global Survey, please let me know.

A few notes on the Survey:
1. In total, over 400 companies responded globally.
2. There are global and country and industry reports available.

Key findings:

  1. 70%  of companies see a presence in Emerging Markets as necessary for foothold in the future large markets.
  2. Biggest threats in Emerging Markets are bureaucracy and corruption, followed by competition.
  3. 53% of global companies say info on Emerging Markets is not always readily available
  4. 3 out of 4 companies doubt accuracy and completeness of their Emerging Markets information
  5. BRIC still top 4 Emerging Markets for 2012-2017, but interest in Russia is lagging behind
  6. Indonesia is the next upcoming Emerging Market, followed by South Africa, Vietnam, Mexico and Turkey
  7. 91% of companies say they would like to have done something differently in their Emerging Markets strategy
  8. Over 30% of Asian, European, Latin American companies are bullish about Emerging Markets revenues

For more information, pleace contact me or visit:

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