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Hello everyone,


I was wondering if there's anyone here with expertise in applying CI in sports. TJ Waters gives an interesting example in his book "Hyperformance", looking at CI operations for an American football team, and it does seem a very appropriate field for CI practice. However, from my knowledge there's comparatively little detailed literature/info and indeed interest (apparently) for CI in sports, out there.


So, if you have any thoughts on this, I'd very much like to 'hear' them!


And if this subject's been raised before on this forum, please excuse me and please point me to the past discussions (haven't found any myself). I'm a new member and I've obviously missed A LOT until now.


Thank you very much!



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Interesting topic, Gabriel!

China’s State General Administration of Sports has an external relations department that engages in CI activities.  It was very active in the run up to the 2008 Summer Olympics, as China launched “Project 119”, whereby they aimed to win 119 medals.  They monitored the rivals of Chinese athletes, recruited foreign coaches, and tried to identify sports that they could easily win medals in.

Baseball and American football traditionally have had strong competitive scouting.  The past 15-20 has seen the rise of Sabermetrics in Major League Baseball, which has brought it to another level.  Check out Michael Lewis’ book Moneyball.

Great, thank you Mr Krant!


Why am I not surprised about the Chinese? :D


Anyway, sports does seem to promise a lot for CI..

Man, don’t get me started on Chinese espionage

Yeah, the Sports Administration even gets support from the Ministry of State Security and the PLA.  So it is also probably used as cover for foreign intelligence activities; the Soviets used to do the same thing with their touring orchestras, ballets, and circuses. 

Exactly. I wonder what these people even think about things like 'ethics', by the way.


It's all about competitive advantage in the end, but 'all' just seems a bit too much these days..

Yes, I remember a presentation paper:



Stephanie Hughes, Northern Kentucky University

Fred Beasley, Northern Kentu



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