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In the current economic scenario do you observe a change in the type of intelligence requested?

In these troubled times, CI should provide top management and other key functions intelligence on market opportunities and other ways to stay afloat in this crisis. Does this happen in reality? What are the top requests for intelligence asked off the CI team in your organization? Does it mainly stick to information on competitors still or have the requests changed to benchmarking processes, improving the supply chain etc? It would be interesting to see..

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Hello Monica,

I do agree with you that tactical CI cannot exist without Strategic CI and is therefore definitely different from reacting piecemeal to every tectonic shift on the competitive landscape.

CI has generally been considered to be the function that brings in the stuff on competitors and most of the requests have traditionally been on those lines.. "what is competition doing" "Are they interested in this bid" "If so what would be their most likely pitch be" and so on. Now are those requests changing? Are questions like "Where can we get a cost effective supplier" "Is there a way in which we can reduce inventory turn around time" "Is there a potential in Asia" coming up? Would be interesting if you and other practitioners of CI are seeing that change.


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