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Can anyone put me in touch with a CI practitioner in Household products.

I am particularly interested in someone who can write business to business insight and thought leadership pieces?

This is for a well-recognised corporate brand and an international platform to build upon?

This is an opportunity available now for someone who would like to get external as well as corporate recognitionn for thier expertise.

All referrals welcome!!

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I think you just might be in the wrong place. It appears to me that what you are looking for is more a market research or marketing/communications type, not a CI person. Sure, CI folks provide business insights-- but  for internal consumption to drive product development, long range technology investment and strategic planning,etc. Naturally, this analysis is normally well guarded and proprietary, and not shared externally. It does often influence current product positioning and corporate messaging - but most CI folks don't want to simply go write short term focused fluff for external consumption. It's simply not why we really exist. The now and what is /what was emphasis and thought leadership pieces for public consumption are more the domain of PR/MR, which take more of a one off, short term, external approach. CI analysts on the other hand to be successful, focus more systematically on competitors and markets over time to develop significant depth and historical context, and boy, that kind of analysis in the public domain ? Well, uh no for many reasons...but then again, maybe I'm just old school....


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