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Partner wanted for Internet Monitoring Test Project

Intelligence Technologies Ltd has recently launched Digital Radar ( which analyses the internet to improve strategic planning.

We currently work with a small number of Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies as well as a few advisory firms (law, strategy and reputation management).

Our work on some projects has uncovered valuable competitive intelligence. I am interested in talking with professionals in this area who may wish to conduct a low level test project that we will provide on a speculative and exploratory basis as part of our R&D. Hence, if there is data online that you currently feel you are not effectively analysing then this is an opportunity to explore this at no risk.

In return, I am seeking to learn how Digital Radar can maximise the ROI for Competitive Intelligence, particularly balancing broad horizon scanning with targeting priority markets, products etc. Our online portal is very useful for cross-functional action and learning but may require modifications to fit the requirements of Competitive Intelligence.

If you would prefer to email for initial discussion please use Otherwise I will respond to questions on this forum.

Many thanks

Tim Waring
Digital Radar

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We may be interested in talking and see whether we have some synergies in this space.

Hi Dorai,

Thanks for your message and I had a look at your company website. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on any synergies between us. Please email me.

we do a lot of data capture by aggregating feeds, filtering them, tracking web pages for changes etc. We also organize them into a topic hierarchy. We currently do some some simple entity extraction and generate tag clouds.

Your analysis service may be very complementary to what we are doing. Is it available as a REST based web service?

Happy to get involved. Does the kit analyse or just data capture?

Whilst data capture is crucial, the "heavy" part of our service is skilled analysis. We have a growing team of analysts (MBA, MSc min qualified) with diverse language skills.
Hmm ok so is your SW like most of the other packages out there presently-Digimind, ComIntel etc? What I mean by that is given your reply to Graeme is well we have analysts to do the real analytical work that the SW mostly just does visualization, aggregation and allows for collaboration which tends to be their limitation?

I think what Intel pros are really looking for and what I know some companies have in R/D right now that I am personally interested in- are more sophisticated tools that can actually characterize the volume of data on the web -find the needle in the haystack and tell you something meaningful about it, detect emerging and current patterns in large amounts of unstructured and structured data without shifts between 2 different tool kits, etc leveraging semantic indexing, sentiment analysis, demographic profiling, NLP and other associated capabilities.
Thanks Monica, as we discussed our service is focused on providing bespoke intelligence rather than a productised platform.


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