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dear colleagues, 

first of all, hello to everyone! (as newbie to this forum) Since I am working in a patent center I would like to discuss with you everything related to patent research and analysis and to begin with I would like to share with you the following tool in case you have not heard of it yet: 


PATSNAP ( is a metasearch engine, which by default searches in the public sources of US, EP and PCT patents. The good thing is, that, a part from a good page design, it has lots of FREE functions (which in most cases you will only find in commercial databases), where I like most:

- (basic) analytics like charts (top applicants, IPC, etc.) 

- citation analysis

- bulk download

- command search

- refine function (like derwent at WOK)

the only downside so far is that connection is quite slow (too much demand on their servers?), but so far I really like this tool.

best regards, Bjorn Jurgens


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I agree with you. Patsnap is the best free available patent analysis tool. However, I am not sure how long it will kept free! :-)

On the other hand, there is an excellent tool for innovation. The name is Creax (Duch software) .

as you say, hopefully they will keep it for free!

reg. CREAX, I will have a look at it...

greetings, Bjorn


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