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Sneak Preview:

Study Strategy and Competitive Intelligence in China.

In 2011 we will start to market a PhD in Industrial Managment at NIMI (Nordic Internatinonal Management Institute), a newly founded Graduate school of Business located in the Nordic City for Living and Learning under construction in Chengdu, China (Entire Nordic City.png, about the size of downtown Copenhagen). The Nordic City will be a 3rd Generation Science Park

At NIMI it will be possible to focus on Competitive Intelligence related subjects as part of your PhD program. Several candidates have already signed up. The first in-take will include 20 students. The program runs over 3 years. Tuition is USD 10.000 per year.

Strongest selling point besides the location and the closeness to industry is the faculty, a number of which come from CEIBS in Shanghai: 

B-school faculty core.pdf

Is this something for you? Interested in Applying? We are looking for candidates who are already working, preferably who have leading positions within their field and industry.  

More information will come soon (webpage under construction). We can also be contacted at the Swedish and Danish pavillion at the World Expo, Shanghai. 

The campus (under construction, drawn by B+H) to be fully completed by December 31, 2011. Groundbreaking ceremony October 15, 2010.

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Hi Klaus: Bravo on getting this started! It is a sign of good things to come not only for your university and its impressive faculty but also for CI in China. Wishing you every success and always happy to provide support to you should it ever be needed or wanted, Craig


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