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Survey on Internal Source Intelligence Collection & Value

Our friend and colleague Mark Little asked if I'd post the link and intro to a survey his company, Covance, is currently running on the use and value of internal intelligence harvesting which will be used in a presentation he's giving at the Pharma CI Conference in September. I know there are many here who would qualify to participate and receive a copy of the results, so please see below for details and feel free to discuss the topic here to give Mark and his colleagues more a contextual, qualitative peek inside their survey's questions. Text below copy/pasted from Mark's email to the SCIP Fellows a few days ago.


- Arik


Each year we at Covance run a survey targeting the Pharma CI  practitioner. Topics change from year to year.  This is our fourth year conducting the survey.
Given the broad context of this year's survey we felt we'd seek a wider industry sampling of practitioners' voice than just the pharmaceutical space. I invite you to participate in this survey if it seems fitting to you. In additon or otherwise, please forward this email to those whom you think could contribute. Of course I'll share results with the Fellows after the CI Pharma Conference in September where we will be presenting.  More detail about the survey is provided below. 

Thank you,
Dear CI Practitioner,

I'm writing to extend an invitation to participate in our 4th annual BI/CI survey.  The topic this year is internal intelligence, and the survey is designed to explore how effectively CI practitioners harvest intelligence from internal sources and the value of that intelligence. 

The survey should only take about 10 minutes to complete, and all results will be reported in aggregate for confidentiality (neither you nor your company will be identified). Your participation is greatly appreciated, and all participants will receive a copy of the findings (after they are presented in September) which may prove useful from a benchmarking perspective.

You may have participated in our prior surveys administered by Mark Little.  As the topic this year extends beyond the pharma/biotech space, we are extending the invitation to practitioners from other fields to generate greater participation and better insights while maintaining the ability to conduct a subgroup analysis for the life sciences segment.  If you choose to participate, please be sure to review the information on the opening page prior to starting the survey to ensure results are meaningful.

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me.  Thanks again for your time and participation - I'm looking forward to analyzing and sharing the findings with you.

Kind regards,


John Rafa
Senior Manager, Business Intelligence
Covance Inc.
P: 609.452.4376

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Thank you Arik for pushing out that information.
Mark, from clicking on the survey link, I am asked my email address and password. Not sure what this is about.
Cheers, Chris.
Hi Chris - I took a look and didn't get the same - just a link to start the survey. Anybody else having trouble?
Hi Arik

I am getting same question as Chris, provide email address and password, have you been able to see why?


Roberto Sanchez
I found the problem - it had copied my HTML from my Exchange server when I pasted it so it was asking you to login to my the webmail of my Exchange server when you clicked the link. Apologies - it's workng now or use:
Thank you Arik.
Hey Mark -- would you like me to share this survey link with the SLA CI division members and the Pharma division members -- some may be appropriate responders...
Hi Anna - I don't think Mark has replied yet to this so won't see your note automatically, but I'll go out on a limb and say YES he'd appreciate that ;-) I think they're looking for as large a qualifying sample as possible.
OK -- it is done!
Great idea Anna!! There should be a great deal of interest from SLA members from what I have recently observed during the SLA event in NOLA.
Great -- I know that one of the groups we really want to reach out to is Pharma -- so this will be a good way to do so....


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