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I came here because one of our tools were being used by CI professionals (I got that from the job titles of their profile), Research Librarians and other researchers. I was curious to find what CI professionals do and what tools they use. I have an intuitive feeling for some needs and read up some literature but I do not perform a CI function for any one. 


When I looked at  it, I felt among many hats CI professionals wear - data collection and analysis seem to be two important components. It is possible to build some simple tools to automate parts of data collection. 


We have some technology that allows you to track topics, industries and companies using open source intelligence (publicly available). Here is where I can use some advice from the community. Here is a brief description of two types of products we can build using our technologies. 


Company Tracker - a tool to track publicly available information about a company and send email alerts when anything (you consider significant) happens in the company. We think this will be good way of keeping track of 

Topic Tracker - track a topic (and associate subtopics). Similar to company tracker, but the information you get will include news, trends, jobs, companies, products in a given space. 


Given that the effort to do either of the above is roughly the same, what would meet your needs more? I will be happy to offer one year free subscription to the service when we have them ready (in a couple of months) and would love to have you use the beta and give us some feedback. 


Let me know. You can either answer here (which I would prefer since it generates a  conversation) or send me a private mail at dorait @ 


Dorai Thodla

Twitter: dorait


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