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For those of you who were on the conference call yesterday, I would like to thank you and say how enjoyable it was to take a moment during the week to catch up with my intelligence colleagues from around the globe. Speaking on behalf of some of the instigators of the Intel Collab, we are very excited given recent developments.

First, there were some great presentations from my colleagues Messieurs Johnson and Jackson on the shape of professional organizations in the future. It really felt like our key messages for the Intel Collab are coming together and are being communicated. To recap, our fundamental tenets are:

1. No hierarchy
2. We're not handling money
3. If you want to make something happen, by all means, do it!
4. Global!
5. Work together, have fun, share, collaborate
6. Use the Internet a lot - it's cheap, if not free

On yesterday's call, we felt that really coalescing. Imagine how cool it was to see - spontaneously - Portuguese speaking colleagues connect in real time on Google Wave based on a common language and a shared passion for intelligence. And how about the revelation that there's a huge desire among young people to learn about what we do - and to see mentoring initiatives begin to form around it.

That's the spirit here, and it's great to see it come together. In the coming weeks and months, I'll bet you'll see even more conversations, initiatives, and events come together.

We hope that you'll take part, attend a conference call, start collaborating!

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Monday morning I'll start making some serious moves that hopefully will bring good news to reinforce the bridge between the two sides of the Ocean, to start with, and from there let us see where it takes us.

Given that I do not fully control the process I rather not say much more at this stage and develop unrealistic expectations.

I would like to have some good news by next Friday. Let me see what I can reach by then.

Incidentally, here is the video from my portion of the call. Thanks for capturing this Arik!


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