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I was going to add this podcast as a comment on the last discussion, but it warrants its own! 


August Jackson interviewed Rick Marcet on his Win/Loss book, and it's recorded on his podcast website


Due to the nature of podcast technology, I am just copying off the section for this podcast:


Rick Marcet describes the innovative Win/Loss practices at Microsoft.

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It's excellent, and while you're at it, check out the other 38 podcasts! This is a rich stream of intelligence. August is one of the first CI Ning members here and is now on SCIP's board. He was a leader of SCIP's DC chapter for years, and speaks extensively on capturing CI from web sources and social media. Somehow he also holds a busy corporate job at Verizon.


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Heartily endorse Ellen's recommendation of August's podcast series, if you haven't explored its archives they are definitely worth your time.
Thanks for posting, Ellen.

Rick's book is available now as well:

Win/Loss Reviews: A New Knowledge Model for Competitive Intelligenc...


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