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In order to promote the more widespread usage of CI software, it would be valuable to showcase those companies that actually do use dedicated CI software to automate the intelligence process.
Does anyone have any good case studies or presentations that describe how competitive intelligence software is being used in organisations? And what benefits this has provided?

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Hello Jesper,
Indeed case studies are very relevant to get companies engaged with new software tools. We, at Digimind, are strongly relying on our customers for that purpose and we see our users expressing their experience and explaining how they automate their CI process.
Depending on the format you have in mind I may ask my customers to witness their Digimind experience.
Here are a few CI Software related case studies involving the use of Traction TeamPage:

Dark Blogs - European Pharmaceutical Group -- A very in depth case study from the CIO's perspective.

Western States Information Network -- A brief note about this Justice department deployment, with links to published case studies and references to their deployment.
Thanks Chris & Jordan for sharing those cases.
I can also recommend the CBI webinar being held on Feb 12th 2009 (12:00 Eastern time).

Intelligence 2.0 – Case Studies in Healthcare and Life Science Software Systems for Understanding and Anticipating Industry Change

More info at

This week we were trained in a software for Technological Surveillance called Vantage Point, and let me tell you that it has great advantages. We, at National Center for Technical Asistance (Colombia) will use it for some interesting projects in the polymers and Tissue Engineering areas.

Thanks to all...


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